About Crioch Industries:

At Crioch Industries Limited our expert and committed staff have over 75 years of combined experience working in Industry. Covering many fields including Engineering, Maintenance, Plastic injection Moulding & Extrusion, Oil Maintenance, Assembly, Electronics, Production, and Operations Management.

Our enthusiastic management team has created a professional working environment that has a customer focused, can-do approach to projects and tasks. This hard working and flexible approach is applied to all aspects of our business and service provision.

Listening To Your Needs  
At Crioch Industries Limited we believe in listening to our clients’ needs and concerns. We know that by understanding your requirements can we provide the best and most reliable solution.
Working with Industry Partners
In addition to the Serviced offered direct through Crioch Industry Limited, we have teamed up with industrial partners to provide products of exceptional quality, performance, efficiency, and reliability. With Crioch Industries acting as the distributer for these products in the United Kingdom, we are able to provide a complete portfolio of service offerings to meet the requirements of you, our customers.
Forward Thinking 
Forward thinking companies in today’s business world recognise the importance of environmentally and welfare friendly products, Thinking sustainability and holistically no longer means having to compromise on quality and performance. Together with our partners Crioch Industries offers customers access to products and services that help achieve their social and environmental aspirations and goals.