Sustainable Solutions for Maintaining Ground Care Equipment

It’s easy to clean and maintain your grounds equipment sustainably.

For more than 30 years Bio-Circle has been using a combination of technology, chemistry, biology and service to optimise our customer cleaning processes.

Bio-Circle’s cleaning systems have a lower environmental impact compared to traditional cleaning products, are free from harsh chemicals and reduce costs across many industries.

We’re now supporting our partners within the sports world, by helping them to sustainably clean and maintain their grounds equipment and machinery.

Our high performance products are:

  • Efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compliant with wash down legislation


The Bio-Circle GT Maxi environmental parts cleaner is helping sports clubs across the country sustainably clean machinery and parts, with zero water waste and without washing pollutants down the drain. Working together with the Bio Circle Ultra L liquid it cleans and removes grease, oil, grass contamination, white line paint, and traces of fertiliser.
It is common in the ground care sector to use a pressure washer to clean parts, typically using 400-600 litres of water per hour. The Bio Circle GT Maxi eliminates this water use completely from the maintenance programme.  Some of the benefits of use in the ground care sector include:
  • VOC-free parts cleaning
  • pH neutral
  • Zero waste
  • Bioremediation process
  • Running temperature 40°c
  • Cleans all ground care waste quickly and efficently
    • Grease
    • Oil
    • Lining paint
    • Grass/organic matter
    • Fertilizer
BC GT Maxi
Bio Circle Stainless Steel Top Sink Units


We recognise that in some circumstances you may require a larger cleaning work surface. Not a problem with the addition of the stainless steel top piece for the BIO-CIRCLE GT MAXI system, increasing the work surface up to 1500mm and offering an increased payload capacity of up to 1000 kg. 


For the cleaning of the larger equipment there is the clean box flex system. This versatile cleaning system can be installed above or below the ground for the easy cleaning and maintenance of all ground care machinery, ideally for the larger pieces such as mowers. Providing sustainable cleaning through the reduced spillage in the cleaning process due to the cleaning brush which enables complete control of the solution flow. The Clean Box Flex offers benefits including:
  • UV resistant/double wall protection
  • Can be located above or below ground
  • Fully recycles water & solution (CB100)
  • Tank holds 220ltr water & 130 ltr CB100
  • 12 weeks usage saves min 5,700ltr water/ min pa 23,000ltr
  • 2-4 bar pressure
  • Controlled water usage and control of flow
  • Low environmental impact


The Bio Rust solution is an eco friendly, pH neutral,  solution that quickly and effectively removes rust. Perfect for cleaning old impregnated rust, through to newly developed spot rust on ground care equipment. The key benefits of the BIO RUST product includes:

  • Non caustic, non toxic
  • Non corrosive
  • Water based and VOC Free
  • Removes rust without surface damage and other materials
  • pH Neutral
  • Straight forward immersion process
  • Label free under the CLP Regulation
  • Free from halides
  • Low foaming
  • Extends the life of parts and tools

White Lining Equipment Cleaning with CB100

The VOC-free CB100 water based solution is and extremely effective cleaning solution for the ground care sector. Regularly used to clean down white lining equipment and high precision mowers y customers at training grounds, stadium facilities, and workshops. This low foaming product is a water based, phosphate and solvent free solution made from raw renewable materials which effectively removes strong contaminants like grease, rubber marks, wax residues, line marking paint, and grass stains. The key benefits of the CB100 product include:

  • Phosphate & Solvent Free
  • VOC Free
  • Cleans grease, oil, lining paint, grass
  • Recycles
  • High performance cleaning power
  • Removes bitumen, wax, equipment staining
  • Approved by Pitchmark Ltd for cleaning line marking equipment
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