Crioch Industries – E-Weld Shield

For Plasma and Laser cutting machines

In plasma or laser-cutting processes the formation and build-up of slag is a significant issue. The maintenance of the bars is time-consuming, and often requires costly replacement or repair. With E-Weld shield you can reduce the impact of slag build up, significantly extending the lifetime of the bars, reducing set-up times, making any slag build up that does occur easier and quicker to remove, while improving quality control through the more even support provided by the improved condition of the table bars.



The build-up of slag on the bars creates an uneven surface that has an adverse effect on the quality of the parts being processed. The slag has to be removed, which can be a laborious, time consuming, and costly process, and in some cases the bars have to be replaced as they are not salvageable.


E-Weld Shield can help.



  • Apply a well-covering layer of E-WELD Shield to the new or cleaned bars; ideally repeat the process.
  • Allow to dry for approx. 1 hour.
  • Subsequently, eliminate the slag, which will be easy to remove, after approx. 4 weeks, and apply a new layer of E-WELD Shield.
  • In the absence of intermediate cleaning processes and with repeated applications of E-WELD Shield, you will find that even after approx. 3 months the slag is still easy to remove.
  • 1 litre of E-WELD Shield is usually sufficient for approx. 20 square metres.
  • The picture shows a new bar, protected by E-Weld Shield, after three weeks of two-shift operation in a major metal processing company.

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