Crioch Industries – Coolant Filtration from Indass:

We provide effective and technically innovative solutions for the coolant filtration.

  • Ideal solutions for an accurate self-cleaning filtration

  • Filtration systems from 50 to 30,000 l/min

  • Mobile filtration units to be put beside the single machine tool

 Filtration advantages:

  • Reuse of the lubricant refrigerant in the production cycle, by reducing the consumption of coolant

  • Improving of tool life

  • Lower maintenance costs

FC1100 Centrifuge Filtration
The FC1100 Centrifuge Filtration system can be both a stand alone or modular system for the filtration of coolant down to 5 micron levels. With two stand alone options, “A” and “B” offering either gravity feed return or pumped return of filtered coolant. 
Indass Coolant Filtration FC1100 A
Indass Coolant Filtration FC1100 B