Crioch Industries – Cleaning:

For any kind of contamination we can offer you the perfect cleaning solution.
Cleaning products are indispensable in all sectors of industry, In general, cleaners are divided into water based or solvent. Depending on the application the water based, aqueous cleaners are adjusted to be either neutral, acidic, or alkaline.
Acidic Cleaners
Used to remove rust, moss, algae, limescale, and to dissolve deposits from metallic surfaces.
Neutral Cleaners
Used where consideration for the human skin or sensitive items are required to be cleaned.
Alkaline Cleaners
Used mainly to remove grease, oil, and protein residues.

VOC Free, VOC Reduced, & NSF Approved Products
It is part of the Bio Chem philosophy to provide cleaning solutions in keeping with the aims of regulations in the reduction of the use of Volitile Organic Compounds, or VOC’s for short. Bio Chem products have also been granted international authorization by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), giving peace of mind that the products comply with the food safety regulations. The products in the range are marked whether they are VOC free, VOC reduced, and / or NSF approved, giving you the customer the knowledge to make an informed selection. 

Cleaning Chemistries At A Glance.

One of our representatives will be happy to discuss any cleaning requirements you may have and arrange a no obligation environmental cleaning site survey. / 01896 755 288