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Suffer from blocked cooling chanels in your Injection Moulding Tools? Blocked Cooling Coils? Heat Exchangers?

Why not give the Pipe & Waterway Cleaning Device a try and see your problems disolve before your eyes!!!

KST Pipe and Waterway Cleaning System
Made completely from stainless steel, the Bio-Chem Pipe- and Heat Exchanger Cleaning Device has been specifically designed for the cleaning and rinsing of contaminated pipes, heat exchangers and coolers. If the cleaning medium Bio chem Power Cleaner DB is employed, contaminations such as urine scale, limescale, and corrosion are effectively removed with simultaneous anti-bacterial effects. With the cleaning medium Bio Chem Smoke Resin Remover foamless or DB, greases, oils and oil residues can be eliminated reliably.
  • cool and warm mode (thermostat adjustable up to 90 °C – factory-set to an optimal 60 °C)
  • SS flow switch prevents the pump and heating from running dry
  • stainless steel filter protects the pump from solids
  • catch basin for hoses with a drain for easy emptying
  • easy handling – no dismantling of device components required
  • mobile – the device is mounted on a trolley and can thus be taken directly to the application
RWR Pipe and Waterway Cleaning System

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