The Bio Circle Vision – A Clean World With You In The Centre

The bio-chem and BIO-CIRCLE brands stand for innovative chemical and biotechnological products for cleaning, protecting, welding, and lubricating in the field of surface technology.


Think holistically. Act sustainably.

On a planet that is getting more and more crammed with ever-increasing problems, awareness and responsibility are more in demand than ever before. That’s why our corporate vision of A clean world with you in the centre defines the way all our employees think and operate.

“For us, sustainability means assuming responsibility, for our entrepreneurial and social actions as well as for all environmental concerns,” says Ulrich Berens, founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board.



Fully aware of being responsible for the environment, Bio-Circle Surface Technology GmbH already implemented a fully integrated environmental management system in 1996. The DIN ISO 14.001 certification (issued by LRQA Germany) attests to the fact that the company deals with resources responsibly: with raw materials used in production, with energy and water, and also with waste.





These three words stand for the corporate vision of saving and protecting mankind and the environment by means of products that are manufactured in a responsible manner.


  • Efficient products with natural active ingredients: more than 80 % of all Bio-Circle cleaners are non-labelled, low labelled, VOC-free or VOC-reduced (in accordance with the CLP Regulation)
  • Use of surfactants of plant origin, with high and fast biodegradability
  • Use of ‘White Biotechnology’ (microorganisms) in the BIO-CIRCLE cleaning systems:
  • the effective alternative to cold cleaners and solvents
  • Carefully selected raw materials, plus reduced VOC content
  • Bio-degradable and water-based product


  • Good skin compatibility (many products have been tested dermatologically), dispensing for the most part with preservatives, minimal or no use of perfumes
  • Protection of resources by using recirculation systems