Sustainable Solutions for the Automotive Sector

With the range of Bio Circle Solutions and Equipment options, it’s easy to clean parts in the automotive sector sustainably.

For more than 30 years Bio-Circle has been using a combination of technology, chemistry, biology and service to optimise our customer cleaning processes.

Bio-Circle’s cleaning systems have a lower environmental impact compared to traditional cleaning products, are free from harsh chemicals and reduce costs across many industries.

Offering systems and solutions from manual parts cleaning to automatic parts cleaning, with low pressure or high pressure, or a variable pressure system, we have the solutions to meet your requirements.

Our high performance products are:

  • Efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compatible with oil separators, tested in accordance with ÖNORM B5105

BIO CIRCLE GT Manual Parts Wash Systems

Frequently oil contaminations on engines, components and gear- boxes are cleaned with brake cleaners. Apart from the costs, the issues of environmental protection and, above all, explosion hazards determine the decisions. The BIO-CIRCLE parts washer removes these contaminations in an eco-friendly way and helps meet the high requirements of the Solvents Regulation.

The Bio-Circle GT environmental parts cleaners provide sustainable parts cleaning, with zero water waste and without washing pollutants down the drain. Working together with the range of Bio Circle solutions the Bio Circle system cleans and removes grease and oil contamination. Some of the benefits of use in the Automotive sector include:

  • VOC-free parts cleaning
  • Reduced waste
  • Bioremediation process
  • Running temperature 40°c
  • Cleans parts quickly and efficiently


Struggling for time to manually clean the parts, not a problem with the range of automatic Hot Wash Systems (HTW-II) and the Bio Circle Turbo system. With the capability to run both alkaline water saturate solutions or the dedicated BIO CIRCLE solutions for automatic and high pressure systems, including the BIO CIRCLE EVO, TURBO, or STARS, and with the capability to go up to the 1500mm in the standard range and a payload capacity of up to 590 kg, there is an automatic system to fit your needs. 


The power of high-pressure cleaning

Two closed washing chambers, with the BIO-CIRCLE HP simultaneously serving as a parts washer with brush (fulfilling this function with the lid open as well as closed). Both washing chambers operate with the power of high-pressure cleaning. They are recyclable and remove oils and greases from heavily contaminated steel-, stainless-steel-, plastics- and other parts with complex geometries.

Their only mission: Making work easier for the user! For the components will be beautifully clean and shiny, and the workflow is simple, fast, and safe (provided the recommended cleaners are used).


The Bio Rust solution is an eco friendly, pH neutral,  solution that quickly and effectively removes rust. Perfect for cleaning old impregnated rust, through to newly developed spot rust. The key benefits of the BIO RUST product includes:

  • Non caustic, non toxic
  • Non corrosive
  • Water based and VOC Free
  • Removes rust without surface damage and other materials
  • pH Neutral
  • Straight forward immersion process
  • Label free under the CLP Regulation
  • Free from halides
  • Low foaming
  • Extends the life of parts and tools

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