Crioch Industries – Swarf Treatment from Indass:

Crushing, spinning and conveyors

The swarf treatment plants are modular systems, for the crushing, spinning and storage of chips.
Indass also produces small compact automatic systems for the management of the swarf up to 200 kg/h, placed on a skid, flexible and that can be integrated.

The crusher is intended to crush chips, allowing a drastic reduction of their volume.
It performs a high productivity and, through a special device, it generally allows the automatic ejection of any piece found in the chips.
The mechanical parts exposed to wear are reinforced with high resistance materials.

Centrifuges allow the separation between coolant and short chips.
The spinning process can allow the recovery of lubricant up to 99% in some cases.

The briquetting presses have been developed to compact metal chips.
It is possible to briquette different materials, such as: aluminium, steel, copper, brass, zinc, bronze, titanium, magnesium and cast iron.
Briquettes have a bigger density then swarf and can be directly thrown in the melting furnaces.


  • Volume reduction
  • Coolant recovery
  • Higher value of swarf
  • Short return on investment from the sale of briquettes
  • Lower storage, transport and handling costs
  • Environmentally friendly operation

Possibility of conveying any type of chip, allowing the collection and conveying with the coolant directly from the machine.


  • Avoiding the manual handling of bins
  • Safety of the operators in charge of handling the chips
The Mini System
The Mini System is a stand alone modular system that can be adapted with different modules to meet your specific swarf treatment requirements, from bar end separators, crushers, skip hoists, and post conveyor feed to external storage. 
Indass Mini System