Crioch Industries – Clean Box Max & Flex

Cleanliness for big parts made easy.

Clean Box Max 1 and Max 2

The Bio Circle Clean Box Max 1 and Max2 offer two sizes of cleaning platform for the efficient cleaning of big parts. The Clean Box Max consists of a storage tank and comfortable height working platform which is designed with openings to allow the cleaning solution to safely drain back into the tank area for re-use. the submersible pump feeds the integrated flow nozzle with washing brush and is operated by a convenient ON / OF foot pedal. Available in two sizes the Clean Box max offers an ideal solution to large part cleaning.

Clean Box Max 2

Clean Box Flex

The Flexible and Modular Clean Box System.

The Bio Circle Clean Box Flex consists of an integrated WHG approved collecting tray with leakage inspection hole, storage tank with lid, and the cleaning platform. A grid on the platform allows the effective cleaning of big and bulky parts. The fluid is fed by means of the submersible pump to the integrated flow nozzle with washing brush and all controlled via the easily operated ON / OFF foot pedal. 


Upon request, the Clean Box Flex can be extended in depth and / or width in 1200mm steps, so it can be geared to the cleaning requirements in an optimal and individual way.

Clean Box Flex drain tray

With the Bio Circle Clean Box Max1, Max 2, and Flex it is easy and safe to clean big, bulky, or complex parts.

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