US – Ultrasonic Cleaning Devices and Multifrequency Devices

Ultrasonic Cleaning Devices
Ultrasound cleaning is a gentle, efficient and fast cleaning method. In ultrasound cleaning standard surface cleaning is paired with the removal of contaminations from the finest pores and indentations. The Bio Chem range can be split in to two sections, the Analogue and the Multifrequency Device.

The Analogue Ultrasonic Cleaning Device

Available in 8 different sizes featuring an effective 37 kHz ultrasonic cleaning power.

  • Robust stable unit
  • Ultrasonic frequency: 37 kHz
  • Housing and basin made from stainless steel – hygienic, low maintenance and durable
  • Drain with a drain cock for easy emptying
  • Timer adjustable to 1–15 min or continuous operation
  • Powerful and sturdy large-scale surface vibration systems

The Multi-frequency Ultrasonic Device

Available in 6 different sizes the multi-frequency ultrasonic devices allow you to choose between strong intensive cleaning, (25 kHz), and the gentle fine cleaning, (45 kHz).

  • Free-standing units on castors for flexible use
  • Ideally suited for continuous operation in the industrial sector
  • Power adjustment (10 – 100 %) with an integrated power control
  • Sturdy welded basin made from special purpose stainless steel 1.4435 (EN standard X2CrNiMo18-14-3 / SAE grade 316L / UNS S31603)DEGAS function for fast degassing of the fluid sweep function for more uniform cleaning effect (the base frequency is constantly varied within a narrow frequency band)
  • Emptying via a control button on the front of the device
Multi frequency Ultrasonic Devices

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