Viral Cleaners from Bio Circle – The Hygienic Cleaning Solution For Your Workplace

What We Can Do Now.

In order to protect you and the environment as much as possible, it is recommended to increase surface cleaning, paying special attention to hygiene at work, at home, in public facilities and public transport. A cough, a sneeze, contaminated surfaces – our workplaces are heavily used. Especially on stainless-steel- and plastic surfaces, viruses can survive up to 72 hours.

Some areas that you should take particular care to ensure that you always clean include:

  • Door handles and knobs
  • Stair handrails
  • Tables, workstations, kitchen / canteen surfaces
  • Telephones, keyboards, mice, smartphones
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Floors
  • Tools and machines
  • Drivers Cabs
  • Patricians made of acrylic, glass, all transparent plastics, (Viral Cleaner ACRYLIC)


Hygienically clean surfaces and hands are the most important thing right now – to make sure you are on the safe side!

2-step action (cleaning and degreasing) + disinfection

The VIRAL CLEANERS restore the hygienic cleanliness of surfaces. Lipid membranes (like those of viruses) are dissolved and washed away. The surface is hygienically clean, normal and carefree work is possible again. The VIRAL CLEANER Acryl is especially suitable for partitions made of acrylic glass. It protects the material and does not cause stress cracks or clouding – the acyl glass remains clear!

The ANTISEPT-D hand disinfectant protects your hands from enveloped viruses.

Did you know …

Alcohol-based disinfectants have a similar effect to degreasing cleaners. They remove the corona virus, but not the dirt. Therefore, they cannot replace cleaners. Cleaning is important!


First clean with a surfactant cleaner (VIRAL CLEANER): a guarantee for hygienic cleanliness with a wide range of soiling of different surfaces and materials.

Then disinfect the cleaned and dry surface 1-2 times a week. After all, better safe than sorry!

PARTICULARLY IMPORTANT: At the workplace, as there are several or many people staying and working there!


First clean with soap: hygienic and safe

Then disinfect – disinfect the cleaned and dry hands as required.

PARTICULARLY IMPORTANT: Wherever washing hands is not possible!


The structure of viruses

The genome of viruses is protected by proteins and by the lipid membrane against nucleases, among other things, so that the genome is not degraded and the ability to infect remains intact. However, the structure of the lipid membrane is dependent on moisture. Drying also greatly reduces the infectivity of the viruses. (Image source:

Detergents, i.e. fat-dissolving soaps, also dissolve lipid membranes. This causes the virus to lose its infectivity. Thorough hand washing, but also surface washing, is therefore extremely important.

Viruses are reliably inactivated by thorough washing with soap and water. Skin-friendly, pH-neutral products are recommended for the hands. Antimicrobial soaps are superfluous as viruses cannot multiply outside of cells. Detergent-containing cleaners are recommended for cleaning surfaces.


The Hand Sanitising Point from Bio Circle  – alcohol free hand disinfection by footstep and without batteries!

Used in conjunction with Enduro Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser Mousse, proven to EN 14476, EN 1276, EN 13697. Supporting the new cleaning regime requirements required in todays environment, includingvisitor attractions, stadiums, leisure facilities, gyms, factories, offices, transport hubs, train stations, and many other locations.

Key Features:

  • Contactless hand disinfection by means of footstep
  • Fast throughput / delivery: walk-up, press pedal, move-on
  • Available in 5ltr and 20ltr volume sizes
  • Up to 25000 hand cleans between refills
  • Dispenses sanitiser as a foam
  • Alcohol free eliminating storage of highly flammable alcohol based sanitiser or gel on site
  • Containers loaded through lockable side access door
  • Can be secured to floor if required
  • Robust design
  • Weatherproof – Powder-coated
  • Customisable in brand colours where required
  • Magnetic Branding and messaging available


The mobile disinfection station SEPTY-POINT: The hand disinfection dispenser with the special kick. Disinfect both hands at the same time, no cumbersome touching of handles! Hand disinfection by footstep and without batteries!

Because where there are many people, there are also many pathogens, and washing hands is not possible. Disinfection protects us all.

Key Features:

  • 1000 times hand disinfection per filling
  • Contactless hand disinfection by means of footstep
  • Completely made of stainless steel
  • No dripping
  • 5-year warranty with Bio-Circle ANTISEPT-D disinfectant
  • From 10 pieces with own logo (lasered)
  • Simple and fast change of the 3 L jerricans in 10 sec.

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