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Hygienically clean surfaces and carefree working! The VIRAL CLEANERs are surfactant cleaners with 2-step action (cleaning + degreasing) and restore the hygienic cleanliness of the surfaces – and your safety!

For the outer shell (the lipid membrane) of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 can be dissolved by the fat-dissolving property of the VIRAL CLEANER – and the virus decays.

  • Universal surfactant cleaner
  • Cleaning + degreasing
  • REMOVES light soiling such as greases, oils, protein, nicotine, coffee- and tea stains, pencil, ink etc.
  • CLEANS sensitive surfaces
  • Anywhere and anything: tables, chairs, kitchen fronts, washbasins, toilet lids, bathroom fittings and much more
  • Gentle on materials
  • Ready for use
  • For manual application: spray on, allow to act, wipe off with cloth

In order to protect you and your environment as much as possible right now, special attention must be paid to hygiene at work, at home, in public facilities and on public transport.

The product is not suitable for disinfection or for cleaning hands or skin.

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